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Global Dishes Crafted with Local Love


Freshness in Every Bite


Exceptional Service Meets Warmth

Our Offerings

World Plates

Savor a journey with every dish, from local farms to your table.

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Craft Cocktails

Art in a glass – sip on unique, hand-mixed drinks with a local twist.

Prime Cuts

Indulge in the finest meats, grilled to perfection by our expert chefs.

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Our Story, Your Unforgettable Meal

Born and raised right here in Bradenton, we’re a family that treasures the joy of a great meal. Welcome to our cozy corner in Bradenton, where passion for food meets hometown heart. As Bradenton natives, we pour love into every dish, blending global flavors with the freshest local ingredients, including seafood from our Gulf and produce from nearby farms. Our talented chefs craft menus that tell a story, while familiar faces ensure your experience feels like coming home. Our doors open to a world where every dish tells a story, and every guest is family. Welcome to enRich, where global flavors meet local charm.

Your Experience

Savor Local Delights

Dive into dishes that sing with local ingredients. Enjoy flavors fresh from our community, crafted to surprise and delight your every sense.

Global Tastes, Home Touch

Embark on a culinary world tour with a cozy, hometown feel. Our chefs blend international zest with the warmth of Bradenton.

Unmatched Service

Experience service with a smile! Our team knows great care makes meals memorable. We’re here to make your visit special.

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